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Oct 6, 2022
Name: Piks Yawnoc
E-Mail: cman1224@yahoo.com
Home Town: Savannah
State / Country:
Comments: Hey Davis, been awhile hope all is well. You’re still the best there’s ever been, and so appreciative of the work you did on my albums! Get a chance drop me an e-mail...

Dec 30, 2019
Name: John Lhuillier
E-Mail: johnlhuillier@hotmail.com
Home Town: North Chesterfield
State / Country: Virginia, United States
Comments: Still listening to your music merry Christmas

Nov 07, 2019
Name: Chaz Foxton
E-Mail: chazfoxton@aol.com
Home Town: Sodus
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: Yeah man, I remember the Nite Raiders playing the dance hall in Newark, and the beach house in the Point back in the day. Good Times for sure.

Nov 07, 2019
Name: Chaz Foxton
E-Mail: chazfoxton@aol.com
Home Town: Sodus
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: Also, I ran into your sister Sandy in Santa Cruz in the 80's.

Nov 07, 2019
Name: Chaz Foxton
E-Mail: chazfoxton@aol.com
Home Town: Sodus
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: I live in Santa Barbara now, but I spend summers in the Point, and I see Lynn Carlyle once in a while. He told me you were in a bank called Thor for awhile. Oh , the venue in Newark was called Danceland, I remember now. Cheers -Chaz

Nov 04, 2019
Name: Art Lagana
E-Mail: laganaarthur@gmail.com
Home Town: Newark
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: Like your new site,, Videos are a plus with your music. Hope you are well. Mom too. Tried a few times to email you but guess you are quite busy with all the recordings/CD.s.. Love being back in Newark. 3 yrs now, Missed the scenery and season changes. Anyways Later Raider and take care, Say hi to your Mom for me

Nov 04, 2019
Name: Jon Moon
E-Mail: jonnielee005@yahoo.com
Home Town: Newark
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: Like your site- Nice having Art back in town again- Been playing a little myself since I hung with Rich Celso- Mostly accoustic for me - Have 2 twelves- Seagull and Guild ( 1969 and a Fender six.

Sep 04, 2019
Name: Mike Lindner
E-Mail: lindner@rochester.rr.com
Home Town: Clifton Springs
State / Country: New York, United States
Comments: Hey Dave, Looks like your in for some bad weather. Hope all is well and you and yours are safe and dry. Still cherish the “Stone Road” days. Good music,good fun, and best of, some good friends! Best, Mike Lindner “Aging drummer”!!

Dec 30, 2015
Name: Pete Collins
E-Mail: petecollins68@gmail.com
Home Town: Beaudesert
State / Country: Australia
Comments: Impressive bio mate, always good to hear someone who's put the axe down and picked it up again, I admire that tenacity. I've just downloaded one of your numbers from itunes, a $1.70 well spent, hope you get the cash mate, in aussie dollars thats about $2.20 .. so go and buy yourself a beer. Seriously great guitar, thanks .. Pete

Feb 27, 2014
Name: John Lhuillier
E-Mail: johnlhuillier@hotmail.com
Home Town: Richmond
State / Country: Virginia
Comments: We went to grammer school together. In growing up and going to your house many times to lisen to you practice guitar, It was pretty evident that you would be a success in music. I still lisen to your cd's often. If your ever in Ricmond Va give me a call 804-276-XXXX.

July 14th, 2012
Name: Roger W.
E-Mail: bluestreak363@yahoo.com
Home Town: Merritt Island
State / Country: FL
Comments: I took lessons from you in the early 90's. Still playing today! Keep rockin' on, my friend!

July 14th, 2012
Name: Marty Dorren
E-Mail: mdorren@sadsamurai.com
State / Country: NY
Comments: Hi Dave, Great to see you again, at least virtually. Hope all is well.

July 14th, 2012
Name: Will Meadows
E-Mail: willmeadows@sky.com
Home Town: Liverpool UK
State / Country: Merseyside
Comments: Just Brilliant, thanks Dave

May 06th, 2012
Name: debbie
E-Mail: sugarlips.price@yahoo.com
Home Town: newark ny
State / Country: united states wayne
Comments: wow dave i love your music the littledrummer boy is my fav i heard about you from one of my friends on facebook and that song sandys song i think is a nice one to i am going to download alot of these songs hun well i will keep in touch

April 23rd, 2012
Name: Art Lagana (The Nite-Raiders)
E-Mail: arthurlagana@yahoo.com
Home Town: Newark, NY (now in West Palm Beach FL)
State / Country:  
Comments: Dave, Hey man such a cool site, went over everything. Contacted you on your e-mail about getting your CD's. Hope you answer. Keep up the excellent work. Get in touch. P.S. Do you remember you and I taking out my dad's car and when driving home we followed this car on the back dirt roads behind the pea factory and the dust from the road was flying and the car ahead of us stopped and suddenly he put it in reverse and crashed into us? we thought we were dead, seeing I had no license. Took the car home to Fillmore St and drove it up the hill and crashed it into the clothesline pole. Luckily I got away with it. We took that car alot. lots of fun heh? take care.

April 21st, 2012
Name: john monje
E-Mail: coolgeorge88@yahoo.com
Home Town: Newark
State / Country: NY
Comments: Awesome work Dave! Great site..Tear it up man...

April 09th, 2012
Name: DY
E-Mail: damienyouth@gmail.com
Home Town: New Orleans
State / Country: LA
Comments: Are there any recordings of Perfect Angel? We'd love to hear some :) Great site!

March 3rd, 2012
Name: Dooley Ezzard
E-Mail: dkezzard@centurylink.net
Home Town:  
State / Country:  
Comments: Dave, In your Bio. you failed to mention Stoneroad. I enjoyed our time making music together. Hope you are doing well. Dooley

Dec 30th, 2011
Name: Nancy Golder ( Hunt)
E-Mail: nancy.golder@ustrust.com
Home Town: Rochester
State / Country: NY
Comments: Hi Dave, I remember Wail/Wale from the very early 70's. I have a reel to reel that they recorded at a studio-it was an unedited version. Would be happy to send to you. I have had it made into a CD. I dated Dale and this site has really brought back some wonderful memories. I remember many of the outfits Bob wore and all of the venues. Thanks for sharing all of this. Contact me at the above e-mail if you would like the tape.
Happy New Year

July 02nd, 2011
Name: Chris Tso
E-Mail: tsochris@aol.com
Home Town: NYC
State / Country: NY
Comments: Dave,
Whale/Wail had a huge influence on my playing. Thank you for all those great shows! Your playing is better than ever.
Chris Tso-New York Flyers

May 24th, 2011
Name: pj
E-Mail: pamelabrkr@yahoo.com
Home Town: Raleigh
State / Country: United States of America
Comments: I love these additions (Star Spangled Banner, Perfect Angel). This is an awesome website David. I wish there had been a picture of Impact. But at I get to see my boys with my dear friend Ronny (Ron Goedert). This is now my homepage I wake up to. Love ya

May 24th, 2011
Name: Dave Reed
E-Mail: achenlives@comcast.net
Home Town: Rush-Henrietta
State / Country: New York
Comments: Been awhile - really appreciate you keeping this site current and fresh Dave! Just ordered your latest CD on cdbaby - and looking forward to listening. So happy you continue to crank it out.

January 18th, 2011
Name: Dale from Wail
E-Mail: dc5151@msn.com
Home Town: W.Seneca NY
State / Country: USA
Comments: It's your old bass player. Emphasis on old.Justwanted to drop a line to one of the best guitarists I ever played with. Great to hear of your success after the band.I knew you had the talent to be great. Best wishes for the future...........

January 05th, 2011
Name: Jon Moon
E-Mail: jonnielee005@yahoo.com
Home Town: Newark
State / Country: New York
Comments: Hey Dave, Greatstuff. Artie Lagana told me about your site. Hope all is well. Lost Rich Celso in 1993. He became quite a lead player himself. Bob Colarocco is still palying drums for The Nu Band when he comes up from Fla for the summer. Take care Dave .

December 31st, 2010
Name: Dave Owen
E-Mail: magiclee.dave@gmail.com
Home Town: Jupiter
State / Country: FL. 33458
Comments: HEY
Saw Art Lagana on facebook and he mentioned you so thought I would contact you on here Hope you see this message I still can play drums and jammed with greg cooper and the TJB Tini Juini Brass and my sister played bass and sang John Stiles played and Corky Thompson played also at the ELKS CLUB I now do magic a lot and Santaclaus from Vero beach to miami plus Happy new year
hope to hear from you Dave Owen

April 06th, 2010
Name: Ron trip Edwards
E-Mail: tripullizer@yahoo.com
Home Town: Rochester
State / Country: New York Monroe
Comments: had someone give me a ride home from red creek? and when they got me there they said they use to be in wail the band,what a trip 33 years later i find this site,and i play bass now since 1977 cool tripout.ps tripullizer@facebook.com

March 20th, 2010
Name: Bob Zimorino
E-Mail: bobzimorino@gmail.com
Home Town: Missoula
State / Country: Montana
Comments: Cool stuff Dave. Smooth like silk. Keep it burning. Nice Web Page too.

Dec 28, 2009
Name: Ron Rocco
E-Mail: ronrocco@roadrunner.com
Home Town: Rochester
State / Country: New York
Comments: Hi Dave, I have to admit, I rarely check out friends sites for their music, especially blues, but I did, and WOW. You really have something here! I'm pretty much bluesd out, at the moment. I just finished a two year stint with a very good blues artist here in the Buffalo area. This is stuff is fresh, and full of life. And that's with NO VOCALS! Great, great job. I will be buying at least one of the CD's. Nice to reunite with you. Ron Rocco

Nov 6, 2009
Name: Dave Reed
E-Mail: achenlives@comcast.net
Home Town: Healdsburg
State / Country: California
Comments: Nice new CD Dave - just downloaded. Thanks for keeping my ipod alive!!

Nov 4, 2009
Name: Jimmy Youngman
E-Mail: dutchmaster53@gmail.com
Home Town: Henrietta
State / Country: N.Y. / USA
Comments: Hey Dave,As always another great CD !! Keep em coming you know we're listening!!

Oct 20, 2009
Name: charlie oyer
E-Mail: moyerjr@rochester.rr.com
Home Town: rochester
State / Country: NY
Comments: david long time dog i am super happy to see you doing what you love

April 5, 2009
Name: David Brummett
E-Mail: Bassostrings@aol.com
Home Town: Kalamazoo
State / Country: Mi
Comments: Hello Dave,Love your music. I work for Dean Markley Strings. They are made in Michigan. I am Also working on my own string componey. Check out my bands Web Site: www.blueheaven4god.com Weplay on mark kerrs Christian blues show. David Bummett

Jan 21, 2009
Name: Charles Knight
E-Mail: KNGTRK2@aol.com
Home Town: Miami Fl.
State / Country: Satellite Beach Fl.
Comments: Ahh Sir David, long time no speak, love the site... We really must jam some time soon, you and Brucie sound great on the Z'nuff cut! Me? I'm just a singer in a hard rock band, Ciao.

Jan 15, 2009
Name: Clark Graff
E-Mail: clark@graff.tv
Home Town: Scarborough
State / Country: Ontario Canada
Comments: Hi Dave I was just thinking about ya and thought I'd say Hi! Glad to see you're still rockin'

Aug 23, 2008
Name: Don Bacon
E-Mail: Don Bacon
Home Town: Clearwater
State / Country: Florida
Comments: Great site, Dave. Those old Nite-Raiders photos certainly
brought back some memories. You probably won't remember, but you taught me the lead to an Ultimate Spinach song back in High School. I downloaded "Ronno's Tune" - good, hard sound, solid production. I have a modest music studio myself, so if you're ever in the Clearwater area, drop me a line. Keep up the good work!

June 11, 2008
Name: Burt Hineline
E-Mail: burton@compudatae.com
Home Town: Rochester
State / Country: New York
Comments: Wow! There is a name from the past! Glad to see you doing so well. I really miss the days (70's) doing sound and recordeing the Band. Looking to move to Florida as soon as I can find work down there!LOL
now the funny part. My 17 year old daughter found your site HAHA

Apr 10, 2008
Name: John Glenn
E-Mail: phyza17@hotmail.com
Home Town: London
State / Country: UK
Comments: Your site is great and i enjoyed the music. www.fullcaliber.com

Jan 18, 2008
Name: Troy Clark
E-Mail: you got it man
Home Town: J-town
State / Country: CO
Comments: Dave! Where've you been? I haven't had a reply from you in ages. I've been listening to your latest CD in the car with my boys and we love it. I couldn't help thinking while listening to "A Touch of Class" how cool it would be for you to do a whole CD of fusion-type jazz? Well, guess yer busy - keep it classy!

Jan 17, 2008
Name: Jack Starr
E-Mail: jackstarr@gmail.com
Home Town: Healdsburg
State / Country: palm bay fl
Comments: keep rocking

Nov 19, 2007
Name: David McGregor
E-Mail: david.m.mcgregor@hotmail.co.uk
Home Town: Milton Keynes
State / Country: England
Comments: Spreading the gospel according to Munkhoff.

June 16, 2007
Name: Amy
Home Town:  
State / Country: New york,usa
Comments: You are an amazing musician.I look forward to hearing more music from you.

April 13, 2007
Name: Robert Grabowski
E-Mail: magdante@hotmail.com
Home Town: Cocoa Beach
State / Country: NFlorida 32931
Comments: Looking forward to hearing your next CD.

Mar 22, 2007
Home Town:  
State / Country: USA
Comments: I hadn't looked at your site in some time. Love the videos and your guest book has some great accolades. It's still a great site and holds up well.

Feb 26, 2007
Name: guy
E-Mail: guy@yahoo.fr
Home Town: abj
State / Country: abj
Comments: good one

Feb 19, 2007
Name: Akis Tsialis
E-Mail: Tsialis@cytanet.com.cy
Home Town: Astro
State / Country: CYPRUS
Comments: Nice..........

Jan 26, 2007
Name: Kristen Stuart
E-Mail: ks@lodestar-visions.com
Home Town: Concord
State / Country: Ohio
Comments: Hi Dave, Again, Lynn Carlyle gave me your webiste address. Remember I was the first female vocalist for the Nite Raiders? A long time ago...Newark days. What fun that was. As a professional graphic designer and illustrator, you've got a nice looking website. Keep the music playing.

Jan 18, 2007
Name: Doug Hampton
E-Mail: dhampton59@hotmail.com
Home Town:  
State / Country: Fl
Comments: Dave,your engineering and guitar work on Piks album(s) is beyond measure.I have had the pleasure of playing bass with Piks the last few months,and I see how your guitar expertize polished off already great original ideas.You are an awesome musician my friend!Hope one day to get to meet you!With great respect.......Doug Hampton

Dec 9, 2006
Name: Gary Metz (The Nite-Raiders)
E-Mail: Metz1270@aol.com
Home Town: Vero Beach
State / Country: Fl
Comments: Hi Dave,say hi to your mom and Sandy. I just got a note from Lynn and he told me about your site. I played until 1993 and then got real busy with my construction projects. I'm just finishing a $9.5 million house on the beach. I talk to Art every now and then.Drop me a line and we'll talk.

Oct 17, 2006
Name: "Too Tall" aka Steve Scheuerman
E-Mail: steve@cohber.com
Home Town: Rochester
State / Country: NY
Comments: Dave Barnes played on my first CD "Fixin' to Kill My Guitar". He almost got the studio kicked out of the building for how hard he played. Great drummer. I do an open mic at the DInosaur Barbecue every first and third thursday of the month.... would love to have you guys come down and show em how its done.

July 31, 2006
Name: Flash
Home Town:  
State / Country: Florida
Comments: Nice tunes, Dave. Keep rocking

Oct 19, 2005
Name: Roxxi
Home Town:  
State / Country: Bahamas
Comments: Very nice site, awesome music!

Aug 24, 2005
Name: Phil "Fang" Volk (Paul Revere & The Raiders)
E-Mail: fang@philfangvolk.com
Home Town: Las Vegas
State / Country: Nevada, U.S.A.
Comments: Yo Dave,
I've enjoyed your exceptionally well-put-together website! The soundbytes, the visuals, the history, all make for a fabulous journey through your colorful career. I feel very fortunate that you and I had the rare opportunity to work together on a gig that otherwise could have been very uneventful had you not been on stage with me "tearing it up" and supporting me like the champion of rock and roll that you are. That was November 2001. Why in the hell haven't we gotten together since then? I've never heard anyone play with your kind of style, passion and power, and still leave enough room for the other "cats" to shine. That's a great combination of taste and humility. You're blessed with a great musical gift...use it wisely, and continue to bring joy and inspiration to those who can only dream of doing what you do with your art and your soul. Solidarity, brother, and thank you for your music!
Phil "Fang" Volk

Aug 4, 2005
Name: Hotz Converse
E-Mail: moogul6910@hotmail.com
Home Town: Clifton Springs
State / Country: NY / US
Comments: You may not remember me, but since the late 60's 'til now I've given thousands of guitar lessons and have played in a lot of bands. I've always enjoyed telling my students that I taught myself to play. But I never lied. I admitted to every student that I did take one lesson. And that was from you!
Back in the days of Bill Owens. And one of my favorite stories goes back to when you were practicing/jamming with my brother Dan, and your mom came out and noticed you were playing in 7/4 time. She proved it, one-two-three-four-five-six-se-ven! Hope all is well!
Joel "Hotz" Converse

July 25, 2005
Name: steve cowan
E-Mail: drumboy57@aol.com
Home Town: cape canaveral fl
State / Country: earth
Comments: HEY DAVE

July 24, 2005
Name: Kim H
E-Mail: harishkim@yahoo.com
Home Town: Muleshoe
State / Country: TX
Comments: Your site is very nice and I love the design.
Best Wishes

July 9, 2005
Name: Adrian
E-Mail: Management@prototypmusic.de
Home Town: Hechingen
State / Country: Germany
Comments: Hi Dave, hi everybody!Special greetings from Germany!
I just wanna congratulate you to a great website and at the same time invite you all to visit mine.
CHECK OUT the new PROMO-VIDEO !!!. Watch this music video for free (13 min.)
and give me some feedback please (optional)
Best wishes & keep on rockin’!

July 1, 2005
Name: Monica Yonge
E-Mail: info@indieguitarists.com
Home Town: Toronto
State / Country: Canada
Comments: Hey Dave, thanks for joining the indieguitarists.com database & link exchange.  Post your gigs, photo's, news, links..etc on the message board and keep in touch!  Hope to see you live soon, Monica Yonge, Founder/Publisher

May 2, 2005
State / Country: FL

April 13, 2005
Name: Darlene
Home Town:  
State / Country: New York
Comments: You did such a great job on Piks Yawnoc's cd. The sound is incredible. Your guitar playing is such a great part of the cd..the two of you created a masterpiece...keep it up....

April 3, 2005
Name: kelley
E-Mail: volkz74@yahoo.com
Home Town: melbourne
State / Country: Fl/ USA
Comments: Hi Dave! we met Friday night at killin' time when your band played..you guys rocked..made my night out worth getting ready for..i spoke to you about lessons for my son..please contact me when you can ..my e-mail is listed so i look forward to hearing from you..thanks for the killer time at killin' time..lol....

Jan 2, 2005
Name: Mauro
E-Mail: mauro@3times3.com
Home Town: St.Gallen CH
State / Country: Schweiz
Comments: Hallo Dave,
super HP, geiler Sound.
Bin auf der Durchreise und suche noch einige Gigs für Deutschland Tour.
Mehr Infos unter www.paganini.ch
Gruss Mauro

Dec 23, 2004
Name: Peter
E-Mail: Keinhasch@satanscity.kicks-ass.net
Home Town: Coesfeld
State / Country: Germany
Comments: Hi
Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. You have great designs on your site! The colors are attractive and you have great pictures. Welcome to visit my Site and sign my guest book
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2005
regards from Peter

Nov 25, 2004
Name: pedro
E-Mail: pedrocondary@hotmail.com
Home Town:  
State / Country: argentina
Comments: hola la web esta muy buena ademas estoy aprendiendo a tocar la guitar electric !!!

Oct 23, 2004
Name: Len
Home Town: Toronto
State / Country: Canada
Comments: len amsterdam tv
just surfed in... well done dave!

Oct 11, 2004
Name: Mike Loman
E-Mail: mikeloman50@earthlink.net
Home Town: Geneva New York
State / Country: Orlando FL
Comments: I glad to hear you are playing again. Where do you live?
Do you remember the orange corvette

Aug 10, 2004
Name: Janet Sciorra
E-Mail: scio817@yahoo.com
Home Town: Paterson
State / Country: NJ
Comments: I saw Dave Munkhoff perform in Sebastian Florida and I was very impressed with his playing, singing, looks, etc. Looking forward to seeing him again.

March 22, 2004
Name: Hilary
E-Mail: Hilly52055@aol.com
Home Town: Pittsburgh
State / Country: PA
Comments: Fondly remembering David Munkhoff and the good old days!

Oct 20, 2003
Name: Troy Clark
E-Mail: troy@5tillfree.com
Home Town: Johnstown
State / Country: CO
Comments: Yikes! my post got sliced! This is great, technical guitar work! Dave has a rich, melodic, and powerful sound that I’d describe as hard rock/metal with a classical quality. BUY THE CD!

Oct 20, 2003
Name: Troy Clark
E-Mail: troy@5tillfree.com
Home Town: Johnstown
State / Country: CO
Comments: Looks like a lot of you were fortunate to know Dave before, I was just fortunate enough to find his site while doing a web search for some good,
free, hard rock music!
I downloaded Ronno's tune many months ago, and was VERY impressed, so I bookmarked Dav

Sept 21, 2003
Name: kevin
E-Mail: stmega@hotmail.com
Home Town: ca
State / Country: canada
Comments: great site congratulation for the good work.

April 20, 2003
Name: Jeff
E-Mail: revolutionrealm@stonerrock.net
Home Town: Fairhaven
State / Country: MA
Comments: Killer site! Keep it up, man.

Feb 28, 2003
Name: PiksYawnoc
E-Mail: cman1224@yahoo.com
Home Town: Merritt Island
State / Country: Florida
Comments: Dave, Thanks for arranging and Producing my CD..Has received nothing but praise, for both the technical expertise; and the musical composition! Local artists would be well advised to check you out first before blowing their dough in some amateurish settin

Feb 25, 2003
Name: Lynn Carlyle (The Nite-Raiders)
E-Mail: lcarlyle@rochester.rr.com
Home Town: Sodus Point
State / Country: New York
Comments: Dave, Always great to see you are still at it. Our early days as the Nite Raiders are some of my most fondest memories. Everyone should have been so fortunate to experience what we did.

Feb 18, 2003
Name: jack russell
E-Mail: jackrussell52@hotmail.com
Home Town: anywhwere,man
State / Country: state of mind ??
Comments: go dude, my new phone number is 757-6437, give me a call..you rock , dude..nifty site as well, Jack.

Feb 15, 2003
Name: alain brisset
E-Mail: alain-brisset@wanadoo.fr
Home Town: mehun
State / Country: FRANCE
Comments: I like much your music and the videos in your site.on your album I love much "sabrina". continue has to make good music.

Jan 14, 2003
Name: Karen Rossi
E-Mail: krchase@sunvalley.net
Home Town: Hailey
State / Country: Idaho
Comments: Dave, I can remember when you never came out of your bedroom except to eat once in awhile. Guess all those years of practice paid off

Jan 12, 2003
Name: david reed
E-Mail: achenlives@attbi.com
Home Town: Healdsburg
State / Country: California
Comments: Glad to see (hear) you are still cranking Dave! I must have seen Wale 100 nights or more primarily in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse area between 1973 and 1976 or so. You guys were incredible and inspired me to play. I followed my dream for awhile but lik

Oct 10, 2002
Name: DJ DAN
Home Town: OVIEDO
State / Country: FLA
Comments: Your site is outta site.Keep in touch,I would like to hear you play sometime soon.Call me when your in O-town.See ya!

Sept 5, 2002
Name: Thomas Munkelt
E-Mail: DJ-Munky@directbox.com
Home Town: Hannover
State / Country: Germany
Comments: I was searching about my nickname and I find you... So I´ll hello!

Aug 14, 2002
Name: Sandy
E-Mail: Sandra@Seagate.com
Home Town: Santa Cruz
State / Country: CA
Comments: Love the Wale addition to the site, especially the videos!

Aug 11, 2002
Name: John E.Stiles
E-Mail: JEStiles@AOL.com
Home Town: Newark
State / Country: NY
Comments: Shadow here signing in. Its all Dave V's fault.

July 29, 2002
Name: The hammer
E-Mail: bappling@cfl.rr.com
Home Town: Eau Gallie
State / Country: Fl 32935
Comments: Dave this is kenny Appling just looking this over it is killer. Hope to play toghter some time soon. The Hammer

June 2, 2002
Name: Steve Paganin
E-Mail: sjp@hfent.com
Home Town: LeRoy
State / Country: NY
Comments: i was a big Wail fan! I can't believe you guys never hit it big.You are an incredible Guitarist!i will try to catch you when i come to Florida next Spring on vacation. I'm really glad you put the CD together i just picked it up.

April 24, 2002
E-Mail: philnaro@istar.ca
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario
State / Country: Canada
Comments: Hey Dave,
I've always loved the way you played the guitar, and also that great song you wrote "I'm Still In Love" one day I will cover that song on my CD.
All the best to you my friend.

Phil Naro

Mar 19, 2002
Name: Georg
E-Mail: gr@tplus.at
Home Town: Austria
State / Country: Europe
Comments: hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria

Jan 16, 2002
Name: Jean
E-Mail: kidthedog@aol.com
Home Town: Cocoa Beach
State / Country: FL
Comments: Hi Munk, I made those signs, Beware, Loud Music on Tuesdays. See you Tuesday. Jean

Nov 21, 2001
Name: Dave Fibiger
E-Mail: hhushpro@gisco.net
Home Town: Massena
State / Country: New York
Comments: I saw you and "Wail" for the first time back in the mid 70's at The Brookside Tavern in Syracuse. I've played in bands with Mark Cole for the past 15 years. He always talked about being in a band that was like "Wail", and he would always want to play "Wail"

Oct 28, 2001
State / Country: NEW YORK

Oct 27, 2001
Name: Mark Cole
E-Mail: mark.cole@mindspring.com
Home Town: Syracuse
State / Country: N.Y.
Comments: Used to see you play in the 70's . Musicians here still talk about the Wail days! You and wail were the largest influence in my playing and writing.

Sept 24, 2001
Name: Joe & Sharon Berry
E-Mail: JSB1@clds.net
Home Town: Hinesville
State / Country: GA
Comments: See you soon!

Aug 22, 2001
Name: Keeno Wolf
E-Mail: wolfpack@spacey.net
Home Town: Palm Bay
State / Country: FL USA
Comments: Very Cool!

Aug 18, 2001
Name: Neil Crud
E-Mail: neilcrud@aol.com
Home Town: Abergele
State / Country: UK North Wales
Comments: First heard Dave in '92 with his 'In The Red' LP - its good to see he's still making out with his guitar!! If you've not heard him yet, complete your life now!!!

Aug 14, 2001
Name: Terri Wright
E-Mail: Cerridwen60@aol.com
Home Town: Titusville
State / Country: FL USA
Comments: Proud to know Dave Munkhoff, my friend. If he tours I wanna be a roadie!

June 8, 2001
Name: Greg D
E-Mail: gregd@nvhost.com
Home Town: Las Vegas
State / Country: Nv USA
Comments: The page looks very cool Dave! The "In the red video" is awesome! I like the music too :)

June 2, 2001
Name: bobby penn
E-Mail: saxsing@vegasnet.net
Home Town: Las Vegas
State / Country: Nevada
Comments: great site, great player,great producer, great player. proud to have worked with you.bobby & gayle penn, the enchanters